Kyoto Weather

日本語 (Japanese)

Kyoto Weather 京都気候


Kyoto is very hot in summer, bone-chillingly cold in winter ­and, like all of Honshu Island, has a six-week rainy season from early June to mid- to late-July.

Perfect for cycling!


Summer temperatures can rise to almost 40 degrees C (more than 100 F) and Kyoto is famous for its humidity. It can be brutally hot, especially from July to early September.


In winter, the temperature frequently goes below freezing at night and it occasionally snows.

Kinkakuji Temple Myoshinji Temple

Spring & Fall

Fall is hands down the best time of year for hiking, touring, and cycling. Cool evenings and warm days make for perfect riding. Spring is a close second, though because the weather frequently changes, it can be great one good day, then awful the next.

Temperature & Precipitation Data

The information below is from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Average Maximum/Minimum Temperature/Precipitation by month (1971 - 2001)

Month High Low Precipitation
January 8 degrees (47F) 1 degrees (33F) 50 mm (2 inches)
February 9 degrees (48F) 1 degrees (33F) 66 mm (2.6 inches)
March 13 degrees (55F) 4 degrees (37F) 111 mm (4.4 inches)
April 19 degrees (67F) 9 degrees (47F) 152 mm (6 inches)
May 24 degrees (75F) 13 degrees (56F) 154 mm (6 inches)
June 27 degrees (81F) 18 degrees (64F) 248 mm (9.8 inches)
July 31 degrees (88F) 22 degrees (72F) 233 mm (9.2 inches)
August 33 degrees (91F) 24 degrees (74F) 142 mm (5.6 inches)
September 28 degrees (82F) 19 degrees (67F) 203 mm (8 inches)
October 23 degrees (72F) 13 degrees (54F) 111 mm (4.4 inches)
November 17 degrees (62F) 7 degrees (44F) 68 mm (2.7 inches)
December 11 degrees (52F) 3 degrees (36F) 40 mm (1.6 inches)